Welcome to Django Flat Admin’s documentation!

Django Flat Admin - modern flat theme for Django Framework admin interface.


Django Flat Admin is alternative admin/app theme for Django Framework admin app.


  • Modern flat and professional design
  • Useful CSS/JS addons
  • Based on Twitter Bootstrap
  • Simple installation
  • CKEditor for textareas


Django Flat Admin is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license.

Licence and pricing: http://www.eggforsale.com

Authors and Contributors

bespider (@bespider) for EggForSale (@eggforsale) created Django Flat Admin.


  1. You can get Django Flat Admin from github

  2. You will need to add the ‘flat-admin’ application to the INSTALLED_APPS setting of your Django project settings.py file.:

  3. You also need to add ‘django.core.context_processors.request’ to TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS setting in your Django project settings.py file.:


Support or Contact

Having trouble with Django Flat Admin? Check out the detail page at http://www.eggforsale.com or contact support@eggforsale.com and we’ll help you sort it out.


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